I’m BACK (Christmas is awesome!)

Finally I can start blogging again (yay Christmas season)! I’ve actually read quite a lot recently–from Plato and Aristotle to Dante to Shakespeare to Tennyson (and a bit more), so I should have a lot to say. Although what I post about may not be any of that–who knows? Since “Les Miserables” is coming out this month and I will be going to see the play in a few months, I plan to read the book before then–albeit an abridged version, I’d probably never manage to get through the whole unabridged version before I see either the movie or the play. So I may talk about that. However, I’m going to be re-reading some books too, one being Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wind in the Door. Therefore, I will be posting various things. Also (another also, I use too many ‘also’s and ‘and’s and stuff), I am compiling a list of “books you should read” with a friend of mine. That’s a long-term project, though: we still haven’t listed all the books we want. Sooo…yeah…that’s what I’ll be doing. Besides relaxing. Lots and lots of reading and relaxing. And Christmas decorating. And I really say ‘and’ too much.


One comment

  1. Caitlin · December 10, 2012

    Looking forward to reading any and all of your Christmas posts. And that sounds like one awesome list. You and your friend must be a very creative pair indeed. =)

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