The Return of the Jet-Lagged

Good day, ye internet surfers!

This is just a little note to say that I’m back from Europe and had an absolutely delightful time there! It was a long (and short) five weeks, and it was totally worth it. I went so many places–Rome, Florence, Siena, Madrid, Alcalà, Toledo, Segovia, Avila, L’Aquila! But I think my favorite place was where I went on my free weekend, when I didn’t have anything scheduled: I took a day-trip to Assisi.

It’s probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life. Everything there was so green and vibrant and full of life. No wonder St. Francis loved nature! And the Basilica of St. Francis was wonderful–so full of frescoes–and his tomb was awesome, in the ‘awe’ sense of the word. Even getting caught in a hail storm while trying to find the church of San Damiano managed to be enjoyable! But it wasn’t just the natural beauty or the churches that were attractive–there’s something about that place that I just can’t put into words. I’d love to go back and visit for a longer time, to spend maybe a week there. Someday…*sigh*

Anyhow, I should (hopefully) begin posting again soon.


I thought I should add a picture or two of Assisi, to show you how beautiful it is!


Other than the cars--perfetto!

Other than the cars–perfetto!



  1. medievalotaku · July 3, 2013

    Oh, I’ve always wanted to visit Florence! That must have been a great trip. Walking the same ground that St. Francis walked must have stirred your imagination in particular!

    • Nami · July 3, 2013

      It was a wonderful trip! And my appreciation of Florence was enhanced by the fact that I’d taken a class solely on the Divine Comedy. Seeing the baptistery was quite amazing–you can see where Dante got his inspiration for his portrayal of Satan in particular. The David, though, was probably my favorite part of Florence. I wish I could’ve had time to just sit and contemplate it for a while, although I’ve found that you can’t really get a good contemplative silence around art anywhere–not even in the Sistine Chapel! I had to plug my ears to get any kind of quiet there.

      Assisi was just….I wish I could articulate better how great it was! I suppose one way to say it was I think it might be a place particularly suited to getting closer to God, as far removed from the noise of the world as it is (ironic in that way that it’s on a mountain). Not to say that it’s free of noise or tourism, obviously, but the place hasn’t lost its peacefulness for all that.

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