And just in case you haven’t had enough Benedict Cumberbatch…

…because apparently I haven’t, here’s a little rage moment.

An interview with Benedict Cumberbatch about his role in “The Fifth Estate” that appears in the Guardian says this:

This sounds to me like the former public schoolboy in Cumberbatch speaking, though I hesitate to say so, because he is so weary of the peculiarly British critique that he is too posh to deserve success. His parents are both jobbing British actors, Tim Carlton (Minder, Bergerac) and Wanda Ventham (Only Fools And Horses), who scraped together just enough money to send their only son to Harrow, in the misguided hope that it would launch him into a more dependable career than acting. He had great fun at Harrow, but headed straight from there to drama school in Manchester, and is now stuck with a toff tag that the tabloids have made much of. When I ask him to name the most maddening misconception about him, he mutters, “I think the Daily Mail Online has covered just about every one of them.”

My response?

Jackie Chan Thing


This is something I seriously don’t get. Do you have to be stupid to be an actor? Do you have to be smart to be an actor? How about you just have talent and like what you do? I like actors for their acting abilities, not their education. Although I will say, the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has the education he has and says the things he says just make me want to actually have a conversation with him more and more because he seems substantive. Of course, I know all the other actors are people and are substantive, too, but Benedict just has this appeal because he seems so authentic and just a genuinely likable person. Adorkable! Like Tom Hiddleston, just a little quieter.

But anyway, I just don’t get it. Are we stuck in those times when acting was a disreputable trade? It certainly doesn’t seem that way, although many people are engaged in the same dissolute activities now as they were then–but those are not unique to acting, and are even less unique than they were way back when.

I guess I’m the kind of person who will go watch movies whether the actors are educated, uneducated, black, white, fat, skinny, British, French, American, Asian, Republican, Democrat, gay, straight, Twilight-lover or hater, Christian or non-Christian, whatever, as long as that movie doesn’t actively and aggressively support something contrary to my beliefs or unnecessarily depict something (i.e. sex or graphic violence). So am I going to object to an actor being educated? Just as much as I would object to an actor being uneducated–meaning not at all. As long as they know what they’re doing when they act, they’re fine, in my book.



  1. Andrea M. Abel · September 29, 2013

    Ugh! Exactly! I hate the Daily Mail for what they’ve done. He went from being aware of his privilege, which is by no means a bad trait in any person, to someone who’s actually worried about people actively hating him for it. This reflexive distaste of “posh” people is so absurd… he’s not slumming it with us mere mortals, he’s doing a job he loves, and I wish the DM would finally accept that. Jesus.

    • Nami · September 29, 2013

      Mm-hmm! I haven’t even read what the Daily Mail has said, I’ve just heard the whole “too posh for acting” murmurs. It really surprised me that anyone thought that way about anyone else. At least from his public image from interviews and such, Benedict Cumberbatch seems extremely articulate but unassuming, a bit quiet but passionate, and willing to laugh at himself. In other words, happy where he is and certainly not “too posh.” In what I’ve seen he’s never dissed any fellow actors at all, rather the opposite, and quite wishes to give credit where it’s due.

      I shouldn’t give negative comments like this too much attention, I guess, but it just rankled. *sigh* Now my rant’s done I’ll have to go back to waiting for Sherlock Season 3 to come out, whenever that will be.

      • Andrea M. Abel · September 29, 2013

        It does rankle! And with good reason. There was a particularly vitriolic piece in the Daily Mail online edition a couple of weeks back that nearly had me cough up my spleen. So it’s not just negative comments, really, they’re making an /effort/ to put out negative press about him. I don’t know what he’s ever done to them, but they’re way out of line.

        I have the same impression of him as you do, and I really like the way he presents himself. He’s a good bloke who occasionally puts his foot in it. Nobody deserves this kind of unfounded prejudice, but especially not him.

        • Nami · September 29, 2013

          Oh gosh, I found one from August that’s absolutely horrid!!! And they seriously have nothing better to do than try to trash a man’s reputation…and there’s only so much PR one can do–people take anything you say and run with it. Hopefully his fanbase can distract attention from all that–though they’d probably just write us off because most of us are women. I guess the best thing to do is watch his stuff and encourage people to ignore the nastiness the DM is putting out there. You’re right, he shouldn’t be getting this kind of crap. He’s a human being with a life like the rest of us, for crying out loud!

          • Andrea M. Abel · September 29, 2013

            The one about his “insecurities” and not being able to hold down a woman? Yeah, that’s the one.
            Yup, the best the fanbase can do is to keep the buzz going to show that he’s not that kind of person — and that, whatever kind of person he is, as long as he’s behaving decently, it’s nobody’s business in the first place. Just the fact that he’s probably read this trash makes me feel so bad for him.
            Add to that his sense of humour and the fact that sarcasm and written interviews — especially overseas — don’t go well together, it’s a PR disaster waiting to happen. It did happen last year, really. Ugh, poor sod.
            This DM article was really just the icing on the cake. I don’t understand how anyone could bring themselves to write that.

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