Verbosity or Short Attention Span?

As much as it ultimately doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, when people read my blog it makes me happy, so I want to do things that will attract people to my blog. I’m concerned that people will see my posts and just go TL;DR. *cries* I even try to edit my posts to say things in the fewest words possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen and it’s long. But sometimes it just takes time to say what you need to say (get OUT OF MY HEAD Joh Mayer)! So if any of you who stumble upon this blog are disgruntled by post length, someone please let me know and I’ll try to work on it.


I worry too much.



  1. medievalotaku · October 31, 2013

    Well, occasionally you do write too long–as we all do. I almost feel that it’s a matter of prestige: the more well known one is the more text one might expect a reader to consume. One trick my friend told me about is to divide a long post into two parts.

    Generally, I think most posts should be 300 – 400 words. Occasionally, one might write one 600 – 700 words, and rarely should one exceed one thousand. Yours truly is quite guilty on often exceeding that 1000 word limit!

    But, I’ll give you good advice on how to post the rather long post you sent me.

    • Nami · November 1, 2013

      See, I hate breaking up posts because I like how everything flows when it’s all together, although I try to break things up sometimes because I know concision isn’t my strong point. I think part of it is that I try to say too much in one post, especially because I’m so used to being able to do that in an academic paper. But I have to remind myself that a blog post is for the internet, not an academic journal.

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