Nami’s First Ever Quick Takes

I know this is not on Friday! Sorry! I just got busy yesterday…

— 1 —

It’s finally fall break! Not really taking a break from work—more just taking a break from class and staggering to my feet as the workload of senior year finally lightens for a few days. And fall break means thesis writing, and paper researching, and reading, and watching movies, and going out for manicures! And eating non-cafeteria food!

Food....real food...non-mass industrialized at least partway fresh FOOD...

Food….real food…non-mass industrialized at least partway fresh FOOD…

— 2 —

I’m in that limbo between finishing research for my thesis and beginning to write it. Good thing this break gives me time to start writing. I’m doing my thesis on King Lear, although if I’d have preferred it to be on Dickens or perhaps Frankenstein. However, English department policy changed this year and we had to choose a text we’ve studied in a class.

Just no.

Just no.


I understand they want us to be familiar with the text so we can actually write adequately about it but…*sigh*

And the worst part? They didn’t tell us until school started.


C’est la vie.

— 3 —

What else is life full of? Everything and nothing. I haven’t had any time to read for pleasure, really, although re-reading Frankenstein for my Romantics course (we started it too late for me to have made it a thesis topic, unfortunately) was quite enjoyable. Otherwise I hang with friends, surf the net, watch anime (recently “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Black Cat”), listen to K-pop….and do homework.

— 4 —

I’m trying to learn to sew. I finally managed to make a smidgen of progress on my next skirt pattern–I washed and ironed the fabric and cut out the pattern. Now I just need to cut the fabric. Good thing it doesn’t have any gathers like the first one I did. *shivers* A-line should be so much easier.

— 5 —

I’m not sure exactly what Quick Takes are for, really. From what I’ve seen it’s just a way to make sure the blogger posts every week, even if it involves random or wacky things. So I figured I’d just talk about random and wacky things. Like how my current fav character from Black Cat is Sven Vollfied.

Don’t know who he is? Ta-da!



Ok, ok, he doesn’t always look like that. In fact he can be rather debonair. Don’t be put off by the green locks.


See? =D

*clears throat* Anyway, he’s another of those people you sort of just can’t help but like. I’m on Episode 10 (I think) of the anime and so far he has remained the shinshi (gentleman) that he claims to be. I haven’t seen him chase a single skirt yet. *waits for the other shoe to drop* Not only that, he seems to have a really big heart. MILD SPOILER ALERT! He’s willing to risk his life to save that of a little girl he’s only just met, even after he’s seen how dangerous she can be. All because she’s a human being and deserves to live like one.

If you haven’t seen Black Cat so far I’d recommend watching it. Sure, it has similar vibes to Trigun and RuroKen but each story has a different setting, different character relations, and different plots. Just because they focus on weapon-toting guys who’ve decided not to kill people shouldn’t make someone write them off as the same.

Note: I recommend this one for the 16+ crowd or whatever age the discerning parent decides, due to the mild violence [and the type of violence–it’s not just sword swings and gunshots], general themes and Creed because he’s a creepy psycho-stalker, and very minimal (and obscured) nudity [i.e. a shower scene] and cleavage-baring. Just so you know.


— 6 —

I have recently been listening to the dulcet tones of some K-pop idols. I know, I know, the idol culture is not something I want to be part of (wanting to know a person’s blood type? Really, people?), what with the strains and strictures it puts on the idols themselves and the obsession it encourages in fans. But I do like some of the music. It’s only a very little–a song or two from the Flower Boy Next Door OST and the Heartstrings OST, a little investigation into CNBlue because of Jung Yong-hwa, looking into F.T. Island because of Lee Hong-ki in You’re Beautiful. Just like, 10 songs I’ve heard, max. But I do like them. This is one of my favorites, although from what I’ve seen of translations of the lyrics, it’s a more upbeat in tune than in meaning. And just forget that they’re pretty boys if that bothers you.

— 7 —

*squirms under the pressure of making this last one good* Oh, the heck with it! Random Nami Factoid: I’m what I call a chocolate purist. Meaning I prefer my chocolate unadulterated by anything that is not chocolate (like nuts in my brownie. That’s why I never get brownies at restaurants).

I’m not averse to occasionally mixing chocolate with other things–one of the only candies I eat is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, and I do love the taste of T.G.I. Firday’s Oreo Madness, or a good bowl of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce–but generally speaking chocolate must be plain chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies and blondie brownies count as unadulterated chocolate because the dough is a vehicle for the chocolate, setting off the chocolate flavor, and does not significantly alter the taste (as do nuts).


And thus is my first Quick Takes. Hope it was good!

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  1. medievalotaku · October 31, 2013

    As you can tell from my gravatar, I’m also a huge fan of Sven. I love private eyes, and Sven does have that demeanor as well as trying to be a perfect gentleman. But, Black Cat is a great show closely related to Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, and, believe it or not, Grenadier. (The manga of that show goes too far in fanservice, but the anime only goes as far as being too silly in that regard.) Concerning hard-boiled characters though, I’m currently reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, whose protagonist, Philip Marlowe, has featured in several films. The style of writing is absolutely jam packed with unique metaphors and similes and keeps surprising me.

    Dickens is one writer who I tried hard to appreciate but never developed the taste. I mean, his A Christmas Carol Carol is the one work I absolutely adore of his–helped by the fact that I see myself as a kind of Ebenezer Scrooge. I watch that movie religiously every New Year’s Eve. If you have any recommendations concerning another work of his suitable for a beginner, I would be happy to read it.

    • Nami · November 1, 2013

      I think I’ve vaguely heard of The Big Sleep–didn’t they make it into a movie?

      Dickens for a beginner…to be honest, that’s hard. What other of Dickens’ work have you read besides A Christmas Carol? Personally speaking, what got me into Dickens was Great Expectations, so you could try that. A Tale of Two Cities is also one that many people like. Two that are genuinely good but probably a bit long if you’re not into Dickens are Little Dorrit and David Copperfield (which is in some aspects autobiographical). Some of his other shorter works are Hard Times and the Old Curiosity Shop. I can definitely understand not getting into Dickens–he’s extremely wordy and describes a lot, and he is not the best author in the world, but I like his style and I will forever cherish him as the gateway drug to my Victorian British lit addiction.

      Which movie version of A Christmas Carol is your favorite? The one I grew up with (besides the Muppets’ Christmas Carol) was the one with George C. Scott.

      • medievalotaku · November 1, 2013

        No one beats Alistair Sim’s Ebenezer Scrooge! I did enjoy George C. Scott’s take, but one does not get the impression of how truly greed has taken a hold of and emaciated Scrooge’s soul. (George C. Scott is too robust an actor.)

        I’ll try Hard Times or Old Curiosity Shop. I think that I attempted David Copperfield and a Tale of Two Cities already without success. My brother was a fan of Oliver Twist.

        The movie The Big Sleep apparently stars Humphrey Bogart. I’ll have too watch it. The book makes for awesome light reading, though.

        • Nami · November 1, 2013

          I’d recommend Hard Times because I think it has a more interesting premise. Oliver Twist was actually the first of Dickens I’d ever read. I don’t think it made much of an impression on me, because I vaguely remember liking it and then forgetting that I’d ever read it until my mom had me reading Dickens.

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