Post-Halloween Quick Takes

— 1 —

Happy All Saint’s Day, everyone!

— 2 —

At first I dropped Once Upon A Time because the second season started to bore me, but when in a fit of boredom I picked up where I left off, it got me interested again. At times I ask myself why? Everything–the script, the production value, the plot–is uneven and vacillates between good and bad. All in all, it’s kind of mushy and sentimental–OUAT is basically Disney fanfiction on crack.

And I think that’s exactly why I like it. Because it’s fanfiction and melodramatic. And the fact that someone tried to do this at all, to put a bunch of fairytales in one story. It’s not always successful, but there are some absolute gems of characters, like Rumplestiltskin, Captain Hook, and most recently Peter Pan.

And added to all of that I’m perfectly willing to fangirl over Hook.

— 3 —

Halloween! Lots of fun for the candy (or trick-or-canning like I did this year), but it’s getting harder to find a costume. The apex of my Halloween costuming days was probably when I paid someone to make me a Naminé costume (from Kingdom Hearts II), complete with blond wig.

That’s also when I went to my first and only anime convention. SugoiCon was an interesting experience. I went to a talk about Japanese culture, where eventually they started talking about fertility celebrations and stuff and then the speaker said, “And what’s the original sin in the west?” Everyone said, “Sex.” Looking back on it now I understand why they said that, but then I was young the first thing my indignant self thought was, “What? It wasn’t sex–it was pride!”

Other than that, the con was fun. I mostly went around perusing and buying merch–like my lovely Oblivion Keyblade necklace–hanging out in the Noise Room, and taking pictures of other cosplayers. There was also the slightly embarrassing karaoke stint with my friends (we had a not particularly supportive audience).

That was also when I saw my first episode of Bleach! I was very weirded out. Having watched more anime since then, when I recently re-watched that episode it didn’t phase me in the slightest.

— 4 —

My favorite part of Halloween for the past few years has been the Halloween Swing Dance we have every year on campus. I used to be really shy about dancing, but when the jitterbug finally bit me, I stopped worrying and just enjoyed it. Ballroom dancing is one of my favorite kinds! I like freestyling it, but sometimes I want to dance with a partner. Swing is one of my favorites, as is contra, and I absolutely love the gracefulness of the waltz. Ballroom dance is an art, and I’m happy my generation (at least, my fellow students here) has taken an interest in it.

Although, there are still many guys I know who say “I don’t dance” and it makes me weep.

— 5 —

A friend of mine loaned me the book Elantris by Brandon Sanderson and I must say it’s a satisfying read so far (and a nice break from reading for classes). The book keeps you guessing and has no mercy on its main characters–the book even begins with a most unfortunate happening befalling one of them. I shouldn’t say too much more or I’ll give things away!

— 6 —

Oh. And Pacific Rim = live-action mecha. Script was poor, acting was bad, fights and production values were great. And it doesn’t help that I just watched Shingeki no Kyojin, whose main character is named Eren Jaeger, and that the mecha in Pacific Rim are called Jaegers…

— 7 —

Thesis, of course! Always and all the time, so very ever-present. I think I’m actually getting a bit more interested in it than I was at first, which is good. Especially considering that I have to be writing 5 pages each week from now until Thanksgiving.

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