More and more nowadays I realize just how little I deserve the blessings God showers on me.


He doesn’t just hand them out piecemeal; He gives them to me all at once. And most of the time, I don’t even notice. I don’t even say thank you. I just take them for granted (however unconsciously).

I often ignore Him–I certainly don’t spend enough time with Him–and I don’t use the blessings He gives me well. If I see and appreciate even one of them, it’s only through His grace.

I really haven’t had much suffering in my life. Sure, we all have our problems, but what mine haven’t really been of any great importance.

That’s why I wonder why every time I should fall flat on my face, God prevents even that from happening. Of course, I plead with Him for help, it’s not like I don’t ask. But when it’s something I’ve done through my own fault and I’m asking Him for help I know I don’t deserve, and I know that even if I did fall flat on my face I’d be okay and might even be a better person for it, He catches me. I can only assume it’s because I am so weak I’d be crushed if He didn’t.

The worst part and best part of it all is that I know it will continue to happen. I will never stop tripping–but God will never stop catching me.

So I just have to work hard on tripping less and on trusting in God.


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