Writer’s Block, Senioritis, and Tiger & Bunny

— 1 —

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

Which reminds me how annoyed I am that they’ve started playing Christmas music already. It’s not even Advent, and they’re going to stop playing it right when Christmas starts. Christmas is an octave, people!

— 2 —

I feel like I have nothing to say. It’s hard to say stuff when you have nothing to say. I can say that I baked some freakin’ yummy chocolate chip cookies yesterday! But I was so full from dinner that I couldn’t eat any right away.

Dinner was so worth it.

See, my dad makes this delicious turkey: he uses an old Williams-Sonoma recipe for a citrus injection. It keeps the turkey nice and moist and it tastes like lemon and orange—mmmmmmm…….

And then he makes the best mashed potatoes, too, with just the right amount of butter. Although one year when we had friends over they put in at least one pound of butter. Those were some smooth potatoes!

Then there was the pumpkin pie–we didn’t bake it this year, but it still tasted good, and I’m not much of a pie person.

— 3 —

Oh! How could I forget! I finished Tiger & Bunny last night. I really liked that series!

Tiger (Kaburagi T. Kotetsu) is the best. I mean, just, I would date him! Except he’s too oblivious to anyone to even notice that someone would want to date him (Karina Lyle is a case in point–though she’s too young for him anyway). He’s one of those determinators, like Naruto and Ichigo, and he’s not stupid. Clumsy, sure, but he’s perceptive and thoughtful in ways that others aren’t. He doesn’t always get to the right answer right away, but he eventually finds it. He’s also ridiculously stubborn (partly because he’s getting old and he knows it), which sometimes gets him in trouble.

Then there’s Barnaby Brooks, Jr. (aka Bunny-chan). For the first few episodes he annoyed the heck out of me–he was a pompous prick and I was like AUGH! But then he got better and I realized he was just a woobie with trust issues. He still annoyed me at times and I was like JUST TRUST KOTETSU ALREADY! But in the end you see he’s a great guy, extremely loyal and devoted when he trusts someone….I’d probably date him too.

Besides the guys, what’s good about the series? Well, it was interesting, for one: an alternate-universe 1970s in which people have careers as superheroes? Pretty cool. And all then nods to different actors, and then the fact that SPOILER the robots were basically Terminators. That was pretty funny. SPOILER END I liked the character development. Even Tiger, one of the best characters in the show, developed.

AND the plot was good–everything just moved a little too fast. Like with Trigun, it started out comically and then quickly moved to heavy and dark. At the end they set things up for a second season, but it must not have been popular enough. *sigh* I’d really love a second season. Like, lots. Lots and lots.

The art seemed to slack off a bit in the last couple of episodes, but all in all I loved it.

Warnings: Blue Rose’s skimpy outfits and a completely fan-servicey Speedo swimsuit photo shoot with Barnaby. And general fanservice (for the women) in that Kotetsu and Barnaby are both ripped. Also, one of the heroes is flamboyantly gay, wearing makeup, effeminate clothing, and flirting with the guys.

— 4 —

I’m amazed at how many of the Romantic poets died young. Keats of tuberculosis, Shelley from drowning, and Byron from a bad illness. Sheesh.

They all had cool poetry, though. Shelley’s a bit wordy, but I do love me some Keats. Bright Star, La Belle Dame sans Merci, Endymion (I haven’t read all of it yet *weep*). And Byron–we’re reading him now in class, and he’s interesting. Veeeeery interesting.

— 5 —

I have several movies that I want to see that are currently out in theaters: Ender’s Game, Thor: The Dark World, and Catching Fire. The third I can wait until it’s out of theaters because I’m not as into the Hunger Games as a lot of other people are. I read the first two books, started Mockingjay, then just looked up spoilers for the end because I couldn’t finish it. And I didn’t like Katniss. But she was in part a product of how she grew up, and she didn’t grow up very nicely, so I can’t really blame her for anything.

— 6 —

Why can’t I think of anything, dangit!? Not that anybody probably cares to hear what I have to say (I mean why should anyone care about someone they don’t know on the internet?) but I want to put it out there. But to do that I have to have something to say.

I wish I could say I have something that motivates me when I don’t have the itch to do something, but my answer is pretty much fear of Hell (and deadlines). And wanting to make the people I love happy.

Senioritis is the pits.

— 7 —

My last tidbit is very uninteresting but here: I started watching and then dropped Aku no Hana because it got weird. The concept is extremely intriguing, but it had the potential to be too titillating/problematic because it focused so minutely on Takao’s sexual feelings. And Nakamura’s perverted desire to torture him. I have a post on it that I’m going to publish soon so my comments will eventually make a bit more sense for those who haven’t seen it.

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  1. medievalotaku · December 12, 2013

    That’s another recommendation for Tiger and Bunny. The dynamic between an old fashioned hero and a hip and sophomoric one always sounded fun to me. I suppose that I’ll have to watch it soon.

    Hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving and that that turkey was paired with some great wine!

    • Nami · December 12, 2013

      I went into it expecting it to be rather different but I ended up really liking it. My only complaint (besides the fanservice) is that things seemed to move a little too fast–I wish the series could have been a bit longer.

      Y’know, I actually *did* have some wine with Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not a big alcohol person (which is weird because the rest of my family likes it) because I don’t much like the taste, so I’m really picky about what I drink. I’ve found that the only thing I really like drinking is white wine, and the only wine I really like is a Moscato with an apple finish. Though I did try this one red recently, made from Muscadine grapes, and that was *really* good.

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