Silver Spoon and Golden Time

Since I’m still technically on break I’ve started watching a couple of new anime, Silver Spoon and Golden Time.

Silver Spoon follows the escapades of Hachiken Yuugo, a kid who goes from a preparatory middle school to a agricultural high school. He’s a city boy who’s not used to much physical labor or to the realities of farming. To be honest, it was rather amusing to see him be grossed out about the fact that chicken eggs come out through the anus. Not a nice reality, perhaps, but not bad. All the kids are straightforward, honest, and quirky, and help Hachiken settle in to his new life. The first two episodes are engaging and I look forward to seeing the rest. It seems like a nice kind of slice-of-life high-school dramedy. My favorite character so far is Aikawa Shinnosuke–blondish hair, closed eyes, and a kind personality.

Golden Time intrigues me a bit more. It’s another dramedy by the writer of Toradora! except it takes place in college. Tada Banri is a rather moe-looking young man who, because he’s late to his law school entrance ceremony, meets a girl named Kaga Koko. Kaga has decided that she’s going to marry her oldest friend Yanagisawa Mitsuo, who’s she’s chased to university. Yana avoids her, but Tada notices that there’s more to her than an unhealthy fixation on Yana.

I’m very interested to see where this goes–Koko really is lonely, which is probably the reason she’s clung to Yana for so long. Hopefully she’ll come to some type of self knowledge throughout the series. I like how Tada is rather perceptive about her, but he does seem so far an idealization of the “nice guy.” Hopefully he’ll get some character development too.

So Tada has a reason for being somewhat of a bland character so far: he’s got amnesia! This is making the story a lot heavier. HE’S CRYING AT THE BEGINNING OF EPISODE 5!!!! *cue my tears*

And some people in the comments on Crunchyroll were calling Yana a jerk–he’s not a jerk! He just doesn’t want to get stalked and wants to actually have a relationship, not get dragged around by someone. He cares about Kaga, like he says.

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