Mamoru Miyano Appreciation Post

I try not to get worked up about actors and actresses (though I love knowing who’s been in what and so on) but I just had to say, I love Mamoru Miyano as a voice actor. He voices so many characters that I love (Yogi from Karneval, Death the Kid from Soul Eater, Riku in Kingdom Hearts, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, even Sakuraba from Eyeshield 21, among others) and characters I love to hate (Light from Death Note, Fuwa Sho in Skip Beat) and does it very well. The fact that he can do the serious and cruel Light but also the idiotic but still-not-completely-clueless Tamaki impresses me. He’s one of the reasons that I kept watching Star Driver. Which I’m going to drop now before I get too attached to it. I love how it takes so many genres of anime and plays with all their respective tropes. But I don’t think the fanservice is worth it, as much as I love Takuto. *_*

But anyway, yeah. I just really like Mamoru Miyano’s voice acting. And wanted to tell…the interwebs, I guess.



  1. medievalotaku · January 6, 2014

    It’s always nice to see a favorite voice actor. My favorite Japanese ones are Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha), Ken Narita (Sesshoumaru), and Unsho Ishizuka (Jet). On the female side, I like Megumi Toyoguchi (Revy), Mamiko Noto (Enma Ai), Satsuki Yukino (Kaname Chidori), and Ami Koshimizu (Holo). As you can see, I got very far into this facet of the fandom. 🙂

    • Nami · January 6, 2014

      Yeah! Another one I really like is Hiroshi Kamiya. It’s funny, I haven’t really paid much attention to female voice actors, and I don’t know why. I think for some reason it’s just easier for me to recognize the guy’s voices. ^_^ I haven’t gotten too far into this facet of fandom in relation to anime, but I definitely have for actors in general–mainly because I love when I can recognize them, and sometimes see how they’re connected to other actors.

      The cult of celebrity can be a really weird thing–they’re people just like us, and most of us will never meet them, but some people devour as much information about their lives as they can. I don’t do that much (I’m usually more concerned with trivia than anything else) but occasionally I’ll find an actor that seems like a particularly interesting human being, and I sort of think to myself how it might be cool to meet them and just talk. To see what they’re like as a person.

      • medievalotaku · January 6, 2014

        Yeah, the cult of celebrity can be pretty weird. In my case, I just admire their work unless it seems like they have lived and interesting life, especially if they have served in the military like Christopher Lee in the SAS or Ronald Reagan in the Air Force. (Of course, the least interesting thing about Ronald Reagan is his acting career.!)

        In the case of voice actors, I’m mostly just happy to hear them work or even occasionally watch an interview if they happen to be really good, like Crispin Freeman.

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