The End of the Road

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— 2 —

Which means…I’ll be graduating soon


— 3 —

Which I am still kind of in denial about s


— 4 —

But seriously–as I left my last class I realized that it was my last class ever of my undergraduate career. I got accepted to grad school but I got a deferral. I’m taking a year off so I can make money to pay for school (since though right now I have no debt I also have no income), to supplement whatever financial aid they can give me. It’s also entirely possible that in a year I’ll decide I don’t want to go to grad school anyway (though that’s not too likely). So though it’s probably not, it could also be the last class I take ever. Which is a really weird, scary, strange thought.

— 5 —


First off, I’m totally gonna miss my friends. Grad school is in another state so I’m going to go there to get a job and live for a year…and I’m leaving everyone behind. I am ridiculously thankful for things like Skype and Facebook and airplanes and cars and highways, but it’s not the same. And I’m scared out of my mind that I won’t make friends when I move.

Not to mention I will also miss my professors. As much as I will be SO HAPPY to not have homework to do, I enjoyed my classes and loved my professors. So many of them are extremely intelligent, and fun, and being able to just talk with them about stuff was a blast. When I thought I was gonna stay in the area, I was even gonna learn Welsh from one of them…*sniff*….

It really will be weird, though, not having the same people around every day, not being able to just go and see them whenever I want, or call them and meet up with them in five minutes.

— 6 —

Along with finally finishing my thesis, I have done some other things recently, including:

Started watching Isshuukan Friends, or One Week Friends, which so far is ridiculously cute even if it seems like 50 First Dates: Anime Version

Went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier and really liked it. As a movie it certainly could’ve been better, but there was something about it, and the fact that it’s Captain America (he’s my favorite Avenger), that made me love it to pieces.

Got a Tumblr. Don’t ask me why I did it. Tumblr is such a dangerous place.

I guess it’s because for all the horrible, nasty, disgusting, perverted things you can find there, there’s a lot of good stuff, too. Like some wonderful fanart! And people posting quotes. And having discussions about things–though sometimes those turn nasty and make want to pull my hair out but anyway. Oh, and reaction gifs. Gifsets. And the certain brand of humor that is just unique to Tumblr that can be used in good ways as well as bad.

It’s also just a completely different type of blogging than something like WordPress or Blogger. It seems to be for shorter, more instantaneous sharing. Sort of like Twitter is Facebook with only status updates, Tumblr seems like a blog but freer. Like I said before, it has its own brand of humor, and it’s definitely a community of sorts, in a way I don’t think Twitter and Facebook are. Those two are more private–or at least you have the option to make them so. Tumblr, you can post things privately, but to me there doesn’t seem to be much point.

It also has a freer, more casual feel than what we think of when we think of just a blog. It’s more like comboxes, in some ways. You don’t have to use proper grammar and punctuation, and you don’t usually use paragraphs. While much thought and effort is put into some posts (fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, etc.), often little thought is put into others and they are simply, to quote Wordsworth, “a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” And Tumblr is all about the feels.

And the reason I think Tumblr feels like a community is because fandom has sort of taken it over. Not that you don’t find non-fandom-related Tumblrs, but flibbertigibbet are there tons of them. I think of the number of Shingeki no Kyojin ask-blogs I’ve stumbled on all for the same character…

That’s it! That’s why it’s different! Sorry I just realized, so lemme ‘splain you:

If you don’t know what an ask-blog is: Tumblr is set up so that you can post text, pictures, audio, video, conversation text, quotes, and links. You can also receive messages. Some are public and some are private. The public ones are called asks. I haven’t had an ask so I don’t know exactly how it works, but as far as I can tell, if the blogger answers an ask then it appears on their tumblr.

And this is part of what I think makes Tumblr different from a regular blog. It’s a bit more personal because it invites you to be personal. That function is called ask for goodness sake! And fandom, which is intensely personal already, adds to that by having ask-blogs. Which means someone decides to play a certain character–for example, Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin–and he invites his readers to ask him questions to answer in character. This leads to interactions of sorts between bloggers, especially since the person playing the character–referred to as mun, from mundane–often posts as themselves as well.

— 7 —

Ok, I was planning to cheat more on this post than I already have by using gifs, because I have a paper to write, but Tumblr got me talking. *shakes first* Darn you Tumblr!!

Look. Tumblr is so crazy that there's even a gif made specifically for this. What. I just. Ugh.

Look. Tumblr is so crazy that there’s even a gif made specifically for this. What. I just. Ugh.

Suffice to say, however, that with graduation nearing and much free time on my hands, I will probably more active. After mid-May, of course, since I’ve got finals to take, graduation to graduate (?), and friends to hang with before I leave.

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