Snapshots and Such

— 1 —

I’m getting this in on a Friday for once! YAY!

…technically it still is Friday.

So nothing has really happened lately to speak of. The new job is going well, busy day today, but good.  Better to be busy working all day than bored to death.

— 2 —

Apparently video stores still exist. And to be honest, it’s very refreshing to have it as an alternative to Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox. I’ve been going to the Family Video near my house for the past couple of weeks and been renting movies for a steal: the first month of membership you get half-off all rentals, and the majority of their collection is $1.00 for five nights. Maybe it’s not so cheap as it seems, but at the very least it’s nice for finding movies you might not find elsewhere. Or when the library doesn’t have a movie in. And the service is great, which is a plus.

Family Video Pic

— 3 —

I especially mention Family Video because I rented Bright Star. I really, REALLY, like that movie and lost my own copy, so it had been a while since I’d seen it. In case I haven’t mentioned about how much I really like Keats. I need to actually read more of Keats’ poetry–I’ve read a bunch of his sonnets and odes, and St. Agnes’ Eve, but I haven’t read all of Endymion.

I was going to give a little review of Bright Star here, but then it got long enough (and the pictures were big enough) that I’ve turned it into its own post, so there you go. That’ll get posted in the next few days.

— 4 —

Maybe I should just call this particular Quick Takes a snapshot of posts to come. Because from writing my Quick Takes I have now written two posts. Number four here was supposed to be about the evil tendencies in popular music, focusing on how women have deceived themselves into thinking that their dignity is not being in anyway violated by certain piece of music. Expect that in the next couple of days, too.

— 5 —

Ah. I kinda forgot to mention Labor Day. *laughs sheepishly and attempts to grin*

Well, I don’t have any solid plans: some family friends might or might not be available to do something. Otherwise, I’m going to the Japanese Festival at my local botanical gardens (probably do that on Sunday)–they have cooking demonstrations, dancing demonstrations (they’re doing an o-bon dance! [Medieval Otaku, did I get that right?]), martial arts demonstrations; there’s a tea house in the middle of the Japanese garden that is usually closed, but for $5 one can take a tour. What’s really cool, though, is: you can cosplay! They’re allowing cosplayers! The only prohibition is on weapons, real or real-enough looking. I just thought that was really cool (and wished that my Namine costume from years ago still fit).

After that, I’ll probably just watch lots of movies. And Parks and Rec. And k-dramas.

— 6 —

I recently got in to watching Parks and Recreation. Comedy is not really my thing, and there are some aspects of the show that I don’t really like, but there are parts I find hilarious.

And Paul Schneider, who is from North Carolina and plays Mark Brandanowitz in Parks and Rec, oddly enough plays a Scotsman in Bright Star.

Bright Star 5

Just thought that was strange.

— 7 —

OH! And Doctor Stranger. I have only seen the first episode and am extremely interested (it deals with North Korea, after all, which is uncharted territory for me). I don’t know how accurately it depicts North Korea but I can tell you that it does so horrifically so. And I didn’t realize how graphic k-dramas could be! I know it’s about doctors, but they show the tissue, and peoples’ hearts beating in the surgeons’ hands. I was not prepared for that. Especially considering that on top of that you have people being experimented on in North Korea. I almost felt like I was gonna throw up. But I’ll let you know if it changes anything. The story is really interesting, but the visceral stuff is what struck me most forcefully at first. Maybe because I watched it late at night and was tired.

On that lovely note, dear readers, I will leave you, and hope you’re not too grossed out.

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