Thoughts on Tuning Up My Blog

Alright, dear readers! I should’ve written this before my Bright Star post but I was so excited I didn’t think of it till now.

But anyway, to business:

My plans as far as blog maintenance goes are one Quick Takes per week (usually on Friday or Saturday) and one regular post on any weekday. You can always expect the Quick Takes, but don’t be surprised if I forget my mid-week post occasionally. I get busy, and I might not have time or things to write about quite so frequently. If this weekly schedule doesn’t work out, I’ll change things up and move bi-weekly to see if that works (still having my weekly Quick Takes, though).

So that’s what you should expect from me for now.

Yay! I’m actually posting!! I’m so happy!! I hope you are too. I like to share my happiness ^_^


Also, I just change the blog theme the other day. How does it suit? Good? Bad? Indifferent? I had just had enough of that Choco theme and wanted something new, sleeker and more streamlined. Bonus:  the font is really big so it’s easier to read all those words I type, right? (Please say it looks cool please say it looks cool)

Loki Not Bad Gif

And for the last item: I’m considering changing the blog name, too, though I’m not sure to what. That won’t happen for a while, though I’m going to change my tagline. It’s less books, and much more movies, television, k-dramas/anime, and surprisingly music. I am going to stick some song analyses in there somewhere, believe you me.

Have a nice short week this week!

Oh and pardon the Loki. I promise I’m not a mindless Loki fangirl. It’s Hiddleston that gets me. His acting isn’t fair. He makes me feel somewhat sympathetic to someone I do not want to like. I guess that’s good acting.




  1. medievalotaku · September 3, 2014

    Hmm…Concerning the new format, I must say that I liked the other one more. It tired my eyes a bit to read this post, and I figured out why. Apparently, the optimal number of characters per line in an internet blog post is between 70 and 80. This format slightly exceeds that, and the fact that it stretches most of the way across my wide screen makes it worse. So, this theme will in reality render long posts especially arduous to read. xD Otherwise, the color scheme, font, and set up for the tabs is great.

    I’ve always liked the title The Budding Philosopher. I suppose it does sound a bit bookish, but I wouldn’t mind if you kept it!

    • Nami · September 3, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback! I will keep that in mind. It is kinda wide, isn’t it? Hmmm…maybe I’ll look through the themes again. I do want to take a break from that Choco theme for a while, but I want people to still be able to read the screen with minimal effort!

      I’m not too worried about it being bookish even if I don’t post a ton about books at the moment, =) but I’m not sure if it fits or not anymore. I’m put in mind of what Socrates says in the Republic, and Aristotle to some extent in the Politics if I remember rightly (it’s been too long): that not everyone is a philosopher or capable of being one. Not sure I agree with everything they say about it, but it does make me think. Philosophy seems to be about ideas, which I like, but I find myself more interested in people, and I think that’s what I write about most. I don’t know quite how to explain what I think this difference is other than saying I focus more on ideas as related to people rather than ideas in the abstract. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

      But who knows? I probably won’t be changing it up for a while, though it’s definitely on my mind. ^_^

      • medievalotaku · September 6, 2014

        I look forward to seeing how the blog will look in the near future! I suppose everyone could be a philosopher if they had enough leisure. Aristotle posits that a life of contemplation is the highest way of life, but most people do not have the leisure for that. Hence, a life of moral virtue he considers the highest life accessible to most people. I imagine that only monks, nuns, and the really rich can lead a life of contemplation; though, professors often come pretty close.

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