Girls With Guts

I don’t really know what to call this series of posts, so this is my working title: Girls with Guts. I’m tired of the fact that often, when people think of strong women, they tend to point out women who are physically strong, or particularly outgoing or aggressive or adventuresome, or who have made their way in the world as politicians or businesswomen.

I’m not saying that such women aren’t strong, but these specific traits are not what make a woman strong. Such women could be weak. Rather, it is virtue that makes women strong. Standing up for what they believe in, being courageous, enduring when life becomes difficult, loving others, being prudent, being humble–these are strengths. But they come in women of all shapes and sizes: adventuresome women and those more timid; the reticent and the outgoing; the kind and the stern; the physically strong and the physically weak.

Take for example Our Lady: she was not particularly brash, nor (as far as I know) possessed of great physical strength, yet she was chosen to be the Mother of God, a role requiring great strength. She is humble, loving, courageous, prudent, endured and hoped through the death of her Son, and continues her role as loving mother of the Church.

Madonna and Child

My hope with this series of posts is to present women of varying personalities, flaws, and times, who all have that one thing in common: virtue. Especially those virtues which are looked down upon today.

So far my examples will be drawn only from literature, but I hope to soon think of some from contemporary fiction. And if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know and I’ll look into them.

I should also mention, there will be spoilers sometimes. I’ll avoid them if I can, but some of the spoilers are just so tied into the virtues that I’m speaking of that I won’t be able to.

Stay tuned for the first post, straight from the Victorian era!


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