Grin and Bear It

— 1 —

Finally, a Quick Takes post that’s on time! And I’ve actually been blogging regularly this week? I dunno what happened. Must be a freak of nature.

— 2 —

Also, if I seem particularly snarky or sarcastic, pardon me. I’m kinda stressed right now.

I’m just kind of like:

Doctor Who Rage Gif

when I want to be like this:

Rasputin Gif

— 3 —

Ahem. Anyway, I have now started watching a drama called Secret Garden, but I don’t know if it’s going to be any good or not. It’s the usual chaebol-ordinary girl story, but I’m not sure if our chaebol will ever learn his lesson. The problem is he’s not a very nice person to begin with, and he generally lives for himself. I completely allow for differences in personality, but he also just makes a lot of selfish decisions. Which is sad, because his snarky personality is actually somewhat engaging.

Gil Ra Im

Kim Joo Won Tracksuit

The reason I’m sticking with the show is because the story and the acting (to my mind) are interesting. Part of what happens is (spoiler alert!) the guy, Kim Joo Won, and the girl, Gil Ra Im, end up switching bodies. They are a delight to watch because Bin Hyun and Ha Ji Won manage to play each other’s characters wonderfully. Like seriously, Bin Hyun can totally act like a girl–not in a gay way, but like a girl. When the idol Ra Im has a crush on compliments her when she’s in Kim Joo Won’s body, she gets all bashful and and taps her foot. It’s awesome. I looked for a picture of it but I couldn’t find it.

At least you got Kim Joo Won in his handmade Italian tracksuit. With sequins.

— 4 —

I was full steam ahead until this one. Blah.

— 5 —

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! You know you’re getting old when a bunch of your favorite childhood authors have died. Diana Wynne Jones, Brian Jacques, Lloyd Alexander.

It’s kind of a bummer actually. Diana Wynne Jones had a great, wry sense of humor and writing, even if it wasn’t always my favorite. Brian Jacques was a master storyteller. And Lloyd Alexander captured the sense of mystery and quest and adventure from the best of myth and fairytale (and delving into other cultures as well).

I wish they could’ve written more. I was looking forward to more Ben and Ned adventures from Jacques.

Rest in peace, all!

— 6 —

Have you ever had a KFC five-dollar fill up? You can tell I’ve been watching too many dramas on Hulu because I keep seeing the five-dollar fill up commercials and then I got a craving for KFC. And found to my chagrin that the only chicken fingers that don’t make me feel like I have a rock in my stomach after consumption are KFC chicken tenders. And there’s unfortunately a KFC near my house.

Bye bye weight loss…

— 7 —

I made it! I really did! And…sort of…had something interesting to say. Whatevs. Off to more Secret Garden. And playing Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. And making VNs with Ren’Py.



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