Whaa? It’s October Already??

— 1 —

No, but seriously, when did October get here? Last thing I knew it was May and I graduated. Now I have a job and today was like the busiest day ever and I have to get up early tomorrow because I have to fly to my niece’s birthday party and what the heck am I doing typing this now?

— 2 —

I have too many posts to write and too little energy to finish them. Maybe I can do it on the plane tomorrow morning? I dunno. I have one on the drama I’ve been watching, Secret Garden, and another about a post I saw on Tumblr, and I have another Girls with Guts post planned, and I have another post planned about Dracula. It’s a response that I posted on Tumblr to someone saying that Stoker showed what it was like for his monster to feel unloved. Uh, no, that’s not the point of the book at all, did you read it? Like seriously read it? I want to rework it for a post here, though, so it’ll be more refined and less..reactionary.

— 3 —

I want to just spam you with gifs. Is that okay? I know some people don’t like gifs–you know who you are–but I love them so. Here. Just a few.

Be blinded by Kim Soo Hyun’s adorable smile.

Do Min Joon FREAKIN' CUTE SMILE GIF Kazehaya 1 My Princess Gif 1

— 4 —

So…where was I? Oh! Wait…nope…still don’t know. I got a Bluetooth earpiece for my phone recently. It’s cool, but occasionally it falls out of my ear. Though I do like the fact that I can listen to Spotify through it: that’s extremely helpful. Even if I look nuts singing to myself while walking through the mall.

— 5 —

October means Halloween is coming up. I don’t know what to dress up as this year. Hopefully I can find a party to go to, first off. But then what? I just bought a TARDIS cardigan at Hot Topic, so I suppose I could go Doctor Who themed. Or they have Survey Corps t-shirts at Hot Topic, so I could do that. Except they call it “Scout Regiment.”

*sigh* I prefer “Survey Corps” not only because it’s the first translation I was familiar with but because I think it has more of a ring to it. Like Scout Regiment also describes their job perfectly: scouting out the enemies and enemy territory but Survey Corps sounds cooler.

But I dunno. What do y’all do for Halloween costumes? Do you buy the prepackaged ones from Wal-Mart? Do you make them? Or do you scrounge around the house to put one together?

— 6 —

And since it’s October and Halloween, have a fun song:

— 7 —

Ok so I’m going to ask you some questions since my already lacking originality has reached its limit.

Sora KH

Yes, you.

So, here goes:

Do y’all celebrate Halloween? Why or why not? What do you think about horror as a genre?

What about stories like Frankenstein and Dracula? And I’m not talking Twilight-esque vampires. Blech.

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  1. onlylowercasenumbersandlettersareallowed · October 9, 2014

    I have an interesting past with horror. If I do it, I tend to go for “more psychological, less gore.” Don’t underestimate the power of the mind, though. Even with the more psychological-thriller stuff, I’ve been much more affected than I should’ve been. Balance and moderation in all things, I guess.

    • Nami · October 12, 2014

      I’m definitely with the “more psychological, less gore.” It’s why I like Hitchcock so much and hate slasher films. I did watch Hot Fuzz once, but as much as the plot was hilarious (as much British dark humor is) the gore/slasher aspect turned me off. And I think you’re right: you have to be careful either way. Knowing oneself, and praying and preparing oneself, are important when it comes to those things.

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