I Always Have Too Many Words

— 1 —

Have you ever reached a time in your life when you realized how undisciplined you really are? And you look back at when you were a little kid and think of how much self-control you actually had, and wish you could go back in time and get it?

That’s where I am.

— 2 —

But enough about that!

I want to add a little addendum (addendum? appendix? WHAT’S THE BEST WORD HERE?) to my recent post on chaebol in k-dramas. Not all of the chaebol start out mean or selfish or anything, and not all the male leads in k-dramas are selfish chaebol. Take for instance the other one I’m watching right now called Manny.

Manny 1

Yes, it’s called Manny because it’s about a male nanny.

I randomly found it on Netflix, and it’s not bad. I mean it’s not OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO GOOD or anything, but it’s got some stuff going for it. Like showing a guy who’s good with kids, and showing that divorce affects kids too, and encouraging parents to actually pay attention to their kids.

It’s also a noona romance, which for some reason I just love. I don’t get what it is with me and older girl-younger guy romances. But, it works, and it actually works better in Manny chemistry-wise than it does in Oh! My Lady. Which isn’t saying much because as of yet Kim Yi Han and Seo Do Young don’t really have a whole lot of on-screen chemistry.

Manny 3

         Maybe y’all will get there. You’re both adorable enough to have chemistry.
Why are there so many adorable people in this world?
Thank you, Lord, for adorableness. Even if I die of exposure to it.

But maybe that’s one of the things I like about these noona romances—it’s not just about the chemistry and romantic tension. It’s, “Oh, he loves the kids, he’s taking good care of the kids, he’s responsible, he’s a good person.” It makes you pay a little more attention to the person’s character, as opposed to just their looks. People actual fall for people who are good for them.

I wish there was a little more character development, though. We see Seo Do Young falling for him, but not necessarily growing in other ways. And we never get in Yi Han’s head until someone kindly points out to him that he’s in love with Do Young (he’s oblivious to women and their feelings for him, and his feelings for them).

Manny 4

You say it’s an ironclad rule that you won’t be in a relationship with your employer, and then a few days later you let this happen? Without even realizing that you’re in love with her? Know thyself, dude.

But maybe this thing is only good for the fluff (and some good messages about kids). Fluff is okay sometimes.

— 3 —



(Though that might look like the letters O, T, and L just randomly stuck together, it’s actually an emoticon. Of someone sort of bowing. The O is the head, the L is the legs. Just informing y’all who don’t know because until recently I didn’t know either.)

When I get on a topic I like I just ramble ramble ramble. So you’ll have to forgive me. Or not. Your choice.

And forgive me when I got nothing.

— 4 —

I am going to post about music again soon! If I remember to. I’ll post my rant at some point, but it’s long and needs major editing. So instead I’ll post something happy about music. At least, semi-happy. It’ll be about a good song with a good message. By an artist that, for many of his lyrics, I really respect.

— 5 —

‘Kay so I just think these are awesome and I totally want some…but I can’t justify spending $150 on headphones right now. Or necessarily ever. Maybe I can just say this is what I want for Christmas and everyone can chip in?

I just wanna wear cat-ear external-speaker headphones that light up, okay?

*insert grumpy cat here*

*no I don’t actually intend to insert grumpy cat, that’s not a note I made for myself that’s just what I was saying*

*asterisks stopping in 3…2…1…*

— 6 —

Mmmm and I mentioned another Girls With Guts post, didn’t I? I will write that. I know just who I’m going to write about. It might even lead me to a separate post the book she’s from.

The book is called A School for Sorcery, by E. Rose Sabin. Have you ever heard of it? It was published in 2002 (twelve years ago, I whisper sadly into the wind) and got lots of comparisons to Harry Potter from the reviewers. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for me it was kind of like, really? It may be similar to Harry Potter but it is very different.

Let me just say, like with the Harry Potter books which I myself enjoyed, or any other book, this book should not be read without guidance If you’re a well-formed adult who knows good from evil and can properly approach complex moral choices and the use of magic in the novel, that’s fine. Otherwise: kids, don’t read this without talking to your parents about it, and parents? Talk to your kids about it. Read it first if you can. Form your kids well.

— 7 —

Also, I’m thinking of adding a sort of Guys With Guts thing too. What do you think? Guys need good role models, too! Perhaps I’m not best to recommend them, not being a man myself, but I can try. And I can be quickly reproved by the males on the internet who find fault in my analyses.

In light of this, can anyone tell me where I can find some G. A. Henty and Gene Stratton-Porter books? I only ever got them from a library, but I’ve moved so much that not all libraries have them and they’re hard to come by.

*weeps silently for the literary world*

Am I a literary Luddite? Because there really is some of today’s fiction I would burn. Like 50 Shades of Gray and every Harlequin romance ever written.

Anyway. I’ll leave you on a nice note with a gif. Just to show how crazy I am. Like dude in a sequined, hand-made Italian leather tracksuit crazy.

Secret Garden 1

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