Secret Garden. And Did I Mention Secret Garden? Because Apparently That’s What This Is About.


— 1 —

Yaaaaah! I’m so glad I’m blogging more now! Uwaaaah!

Although that might stop next month. I’m going to try my hand at NaNoWriMo for the first time ever. My fiction writing isn’t bad, but it’s not great and I want to improve it. And I just want to practice discipline–having to write 50,000 words in 30 days should help me get disciplined.

The hardest part is coming up with what to write about. I am horrible at coming up with fiction ideas. And plots. That’s why my fanfictions are all in oneshots instead of one long continuous story.

But, here’s to improvement! And spiritual growth! And having fun!

— 2 —

Mmm, and I had a little more I wanted to say about Beautiful Times in that post, but I thought it was more effective to leave it as it was, so let me explain a little more here.

The last couple of lines sort of throw me off, in the sense that I’m not sure exactly how they connect to the song: “Sincerely / I love you dearly / oh, but I’m clearly / destined to wander.”

The general tenor of the song, and those last two lines, reminded me strongly of Rurouni Kenshin which is why I posted this gifset on Tumblr during RuroKen week.

“Destined to wander” of course made me think of Kenshin.

But, it also makes me think of how Christians are exiles. We are destined to wander on the earth, until our time is up and we (hopefully) go to Heaven to be with God forever. Once we see that we’re exiles, and that they’re something more, all our times become beautiful!

So, it seems the singer is saying either to life in general or to some person, “Look, you’re great, but there’s something greater out there that I have to journey toward.” That might sound harsh said towards a person, but sometimes that’s how it is. And it doesn’t take away from that person’s importance. Which kind of leads to my next point…

— 3 —

Uwaaaaaaaaa!! I finally finished Secret Garden and…well, it ended at least ok. The last couple of episodes made me rather happy, anyway. See, what happens is the two agree to date, but then a stupid driver ignores the road-block for the movie Ra Im is filming and pretty much t-bones her during a stunt, leaving her badly injured and comatose. Joo Won is, of course, devastated, and as I mentioned before decides to find some rain so they can switch bodies and she can be conscious in his body. (Although that totally could’ve backfired because who’s to know he wouldn’t just wake up in Ra Im’s body and she’d still be in a coma in his?)

Finally, through the same abracadabra by her dead father that got them into this mess they get out, and both wake up in their normal bodies. But this is just episode 19 and there are 20 episodes, so there’s got to be a catch, right? Right. Joo Won has reverted to his 21-year-old self, regaining the memories of the fire and the elevator and of Gil Ra Im’s father saving him, but losing the memories from the past thirteen years. Yay.

Secret Garden 3

Surprisingly (or not, knowing her character) this does not frighten Ra Im in the slightest, and she has fun spending time with him to get him to remember things. His mother once again tries to foil their relationship by lying to Joo Won. Unfortunately for her, he remembers everything not long after–including the fact that Ra Im’s dad wanted Joo Won to tell her how much her appa loved her and how sorry he was he couldn’t make it home early. (Ouch.)

Secret Garden 9

Kiss from dad via boyfriend.

Upon remembering all this, Joo Won heads straight to Ra Im and tells her. And apologizes. And tells her “I love you.” And just generally treats people a little more kindly than he did before, even to the point of giving his once-rival Manager Park back his job. He still makes some selfish decisions of course (or maybe this is just a personality thing, you tell me): instead of asking Ra Im to marry him first, he takes her to wherever they register marriage licenses, and she’s like, “Is this what we’re doing? You haven’t even said ‘I love you’ or anything first! Aren’t you doing this for love?”

His response is actually, “No, I’m not doing this because I love you but because you’re the only one I love.” I guess that’s romantic? I dunno. I have to think on it more. It seems off to me. Either way, giving your girlfriend ten minutes to think on your proposal when you guys haven’t even been actually dating that long seems a little nuts. But I guess Ra Im understands Joo Won well enough, because she says yes and signs the register.

Joo Won also makes some decisions that are hard for him–and here’s the relation to my point in Quick Take 2. Throughout the series, Joo Won’s mother has been a great force working against their relationship. She refuses to accept Ra Im because she is not rich, is not an “intellectual” per se, is not everything she thinks her son should have. She wants to control his life. Until Joo Won got a hold of his life, he let his mother do that. Now, he’s tired of it.

Secret Garden 20

He basically says, “Mom, you lied to me. You shouldn’t have done that. I love this woman and I’m going to marry her and nothing can change that. I know you don’t approve, so that’s why I’m just telling you. But I want you to be at our wedding.” His specific words–if the English subs are to be trusted–are that he has lived as his mother’s son for the past 34 years, but he will no longer do that. He wants to live the rest of his life as Gil Ra Im’s husband. Oooh I just love that he says that! And he puts Gil Ra Im first in that too, saying he wants to live as her husband. There’s just something about that. Of course, those words put me in mind of “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.” (Gen 2:24; qtd. in multiple other books of the Bible) I just thought that was totally cool that it made me think of that.

And so Joo Won does what we all have to do sometimes when we do what we think is right. Sometimes we must defy the ones we love, sometimes they will get hurt.

And he continues to respect his mother even after he is married. She of course says “Absolutely not, never” to accepting Ra Im and attending his wedding. She refuses to respect him and calls him no son of hers. He didn’t really reject her, but she rejected him. Hmph! But Joo Won is a good son and father, and takes his three children to visit their grandmother–even though she ignores their mother and father who are standing right there and only accepts her grandchildren into the house.

I really dislike his mom. He’s a brave and virtuous man being able to love her like that.

— 4 —

So it wasn’t perfect–I would’ve liked to see a little more development from Joo Won on the virtue side of things BUT–it seemed like it was on the right track. So yay!!! And Joo Won and Ra Im’s honeymoon/later married life is ADORABLE. See for yourself.

Secret Garden 10


Secret Garden 11

Dude, making out with your wife at work? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Secret Garden 14

You big kid, you! XD

— 5 —

The only thing I didn’t really like was the Han Tae-sun subplot. Him being gay and liking Oska and all. It was kinda unnecessary, and it didn’t really add anything to the story. If it had enhanced the story in a good, meaningful way then that might have worked better. Though I liked Han Tae-sun’s character. How can you not love Tae-sun? He’s so awesomely sassy! Sassy McSasser-pants! He’s also just a good person, generally, and apparently a good musician. And thankfully he doesn’t try to break up Oska and Yoon-seul. It’s also an added bonus that the actor who plays him, Lee Jong-suk, is irresistibly adorable. Seriously, where did all this adorableness in the world come from? Are my eyes just now opening to it?

For fun, here are some gifs of Tae-sun’s sassiness.

SG Han Tae-sun 1

Oh, Oska, I dunno, maybe people who like to get there in one piece?

SG Han Tae-sun 2

He’s talking about Joo Won’s tracksuit. And he’s right.

SG Han Tae-sun 3

With people like Oska in the world, music must be protected, right?

SG Han Tae-sun 4

 Kind of his whole relationship with Oska. Except it’s more like, stop forcing your stupidity on me. (I do love Oska, don’t get me wrong, he’s a good guy. He’s just kinda dumb when it comes to Han Tae-sun.)

— 6 —

I know. Lots of Secret Garden. But I just finished it and I love gifs and I love Hyun Bin and Lee Jong Suk. Mwahahahhahaahahahahahahahahaha!

— 7 —

Just to get it all out of my system, here are some funny gifs, mostly of Ra Im in Joon Won’s body. I tell you, that Hyun Bin is talented.

Secret GardenSecret Garden 19

Ok, not a gif, but someone captioned this “Pride and Prejudice meets Freaky Friday. With a side of kimchi.” That’s actually a pretty accurate description of this drama.

Secret Garden 18

Secret Garden 17

Secret Garden 21

Poor Ra Im. Oska’s birthday suit was the last thing she needed to be seeing.

Secret Garden 22

And she shows Joo Won how to put on a bra…using his body.

Secret Garden 23

Okay, okay, I promise, that’s the last of Secret Garden! It was just… I dunno, it was fun! And Bin Hyun! And Lee Jong-suk!!!


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