Naruto Chapter 698: A Farewell to Arms

Uwaaaah…I *really* can’t wait for the next chapter now *dies* I’m ready for it to be over but it needs to be a good ending. It’s dragged on long enough.

But anyway–Charles has a lot of good stuff to say in this post, so give it a read =D

Beneath the Tangles

Yep, you guessed it.  I made this post just so that I could use that subtitle.

Well, not wholly.  Hang on with me a minute – I have something deeper than that to get to.

Most of the 698th chapter of Naruto is spent with our titular character and Sasuke lying next to each other, bleeding to death, going in an out of consciousness.  And in this gloomy setting, we get what might could finally be Sasuke’s surrender, not just in the final fight to Naruto, but of his will to Naruto, giving in to his friend’s way and finding a measure of peace (only time, the final chapters, and the last movie, though, will tell if he’s reached really that point).

At the very least, Sasuke has found that he cannot accomplish his own will, his way of becoming hokage.  Although he sees it as right and merciful…

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  1. TWWK · November 6, 2014

    Thanks for reblogging the article, and thank you for the kind words! 🙂

    • Nami · November 7, 2014

      Of course! I really like your commentary. And, honestly, it’s the only way I’m getting news about Naruto because I”m too lazy to keep up with it myself. I’ve been watching too many kdramas and not keeping up with anime/manga these days. XD

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