Nami, the Lazy Drama Llama

— 1 —

Once again, a Quick Takes not on a Friday. But that’s ok. At least I am back, that is how I am encouraging myself. I can only apologize (and instead of apologizing I really should write more). Laziness, the holidays, lethargy, being in a slight funk, and kidney stones have all contributed to my lack of blog posts. But I’m back again, at least for 2 more posts after this.

— 2 —

Christmas–it’s so weird to think that it’s been almost a month, but it has. It was nice though. I got a TV (that I have to share, but still), and it’s been wonderful because I can use an HDMI cable to connect my computer and WATCH DRAMAS. ON A TELEVISION SCREEN. I probably could try to emphasize even more how happy that makes me but I’ll spare you the caps.


I need to find people IRL who like these dramas too or I’m going to go nuts.

— 3 —

Perhaps the continuing education classes I’m going to take at my local community college will help. Because guess what they just happen to teach there? Korean!!

I really do have the most wonderful luck. That and the drawing class I signed up for only cost $99 each. The only downside so far is that the classes don’t start until February and March.

But who knows? I’m sure I’ll find a fellow drama-lover in my Korean class.

— 4 —

Speaking of dramas: I have started a few dramas in the past few months and, surprisingly, managed to finish one. Pinocchio, probably one of the best dramas that I’ve seen. Perfect? By no means. Good and wholesome? Yes.

What makes it so? That I will discourse upon in another post. But I will hint that it has to do with its attitude toward truth. And my undying love for the ship-that-might-have-been. CAPRAE 5EVAR!

Pinocchio 120 Pinocchio Pic 1 Pinocchio Pic 3

I think the reason I like that ship so much is solely Lee Pil Mo. I wasn’t looking to ship his character, but then they gave him a ship, so I was like, “Anchors aweigh!!!”

The other dramas I’ve been watching show up in my previous posts here and there, but I’ll name them: Flower Boy Ramen Shop, which I’ve pretty much dropped (may pick it up when I need a laugh); The Three Musketeers, which I’ve currently put on hiatus because it inexplicably lost my interest (like that time I was reading Daniel Deronda); Dr. Frost, which I am still watching and is still interesting; Naeil Cantabile, which I’m afraid of watching the last episode because I liked the series so much; and It’s Okay, That’s Love, which speaks to me on a certain level because the plot centers on mental illness but leaves me uncertain because of its attitude toward sex. So basically, I have two dramas I’m watching, one I’m almost done with, and one I finished recently. And plenty more to start when I’m done with those. Or before.

— 5 —

But what else will I post about besides dramas? I have one non-drama post in mind, comparing Frozen to Big Hero 6. Perhaps it doesn’t seem to make much sense to compare the two, but I want to show how utterly problematic Frozen is by comparing it to another recent Disney product that I liked. BH6 isn’t perfect either, but it’s better than Frozen on some really important levels.

So please look forward to it!

— 6 —

Aaaaand I can say that I have completed a manga for the first time in my life!!! I finally read all of Rurouni Kenshin. It was good, although I think the last arc felt a bit rushed. If Watsuki had had more time, perhaps, it may have been better. Or perhaps my feeling that it is lacking something is just silly. It was still very, very good, though, serving as good entertainment and communicating truth.

I have also read all of Natsume Yuujinchou or Natsume’s Book of Friends that is (legally) available in the U.S. Natsume Takashi, a teenage boy who can see yokai, has been bullied and avoided all his life because of his strange talent, since other people aren’t aware of the yokai. After being passed from relative to relative following his parents’ deaths, he ends up with some distant relatives and decides not to tell them about his talent. At the same time he stumbles upon an old book belonging to his grandmother, who also had the power of supernatural sight. He discovers that this book is full of the names of yokai, so with the help of a yokai affectionately named Nyanko-sensei, he begins returning the names to their rightful owners.

The anime served as my point of entry to the story, and it helped that Kamiya Hiroshi voices main character Natsume Takashi. I dropped the anime a while ago because it felt too slow, but then I found the manga at my library and binged all 17 volumes. It encouraged me to pick up the anime again, and while it’s not an action-packed, fast-paced series, I’m enjoying it. Strange, isn’t it, that a series with a fantasy setting ends up being more slice of life? It’s very episodic, though in the manga one can see the threads of a main plotline coming together; yet the episodic, quiet nature of the story is part of its charm.

Furthermore, the amount of fanservice is nil, and the most sexually objectionable content are very vague, oblique references that are not only easily passed over but easily missed, the few times they are present. Which is not to say the work is for kids, but that sexually objectionable content is, happily, not a problem with Natsume as it is with so many others.

I don’t know what I’m going to do until the next volume comes out.

Probably just keep reading Fullmetal Alchemist.

— 7 —

I haven’t been watching much anime at all, really. Dramas have rather firmly displaced them, though I’m not quite sure why. I haven’t totally dispensed with the stuff, as my previous words have shown. Besides Natsume, I started watching Barakamon on a friend’s recommendation, and I’m finding that very refreshing; and after seeing some posts about it by Medieval Otaku (spoiler warning) I decided to watch Shiki. So far, definitely a good creepy vampire anime that keeps to many of the traditional vampire conventions (while certainly breaking from some).

Okay, I’m done for now. But I will be back. That post on Frozen is gonna take a while though. I have so much to say about it. Especially since I think I should read some version of The Snow Queen first to talk about it competently.

Have a good weekend, y’all!

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  2. medievalotaku · January 27, 2015

    Congratulations on finishing Rurouni Kenshin! You’ll be surprised to know that I’ve yet to read all the manga, but that may be excused by the fact that I’m reading it in Japanese. (Five and a half volumes to go.) I suppose most story arcs would feel a bit like a let down after the Kyoto Arc. It’s sort of like how I felt the third season of Slayers was mediocre because I compared it to the second season’s phenomenal and gut-wrenching ending.

    I’m glad that you’re enjoying Shiki. It includes a stretch of episodes which is frustratingly slow, but it’s worth suffering through them for the finale.

    Good luck on learning Korean. I have a friend in the army who’s making great progress in the language through being based in South Korea. He can even understand what his Korean girlfriend messages him now–and I never would have pegged him for a lover of foreign languages!

    • Nami · January 28, 2015

      5 volumes left isn’t bad ^_^ And reading it in the original language is ideal

      I think I might partly be influenced in my thoughts by Watsuki’s marginal commentary. He said he had intended to add another arc but for some reason (I can’t remember why) they had him tie it up there. He also didn’t like how Tomoe turned out–at least she didn’t turn out how he originally intended–which I thought was interesting.

      And I think I just felt a general sense of hastiness, like the end was rushed. Since two major arcs came one right after the other and then it ended. More build up to the Jinchuu Arc would’ve been nice. Thematically it all fits together, though, so that’s good.

      Yah…I’ve taken a little break from Shiki at the moment (it legitimately creeps me out at some moments, and it doesn’t help that I usually watch it at night) but I’m going to get back to it soon, now that I’m caught up on all my simulcast dramas. Too much stuff to watch.

      Thanks! Ah that’s awesome! Well even if he wasn’t interested before he’s got an incentive to learn now, right? ^_^ And there’s nothing like immersion for learning a language (watching TV shows is a useful but still poor substitute). Which is why I’m saving up for a plane ticket. I’ll get myself to Korea one of these days.

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