For the First Time In My Life I’m Skipping a Class Purely for Anime

Secret Garden 17

Yep. I have finally been bitten by that bug. I’ve never done it on purpose or for a non-legitimate reason (i.e. not homework or other-people related). As in, I’ve only ever accidentally slept through class because I took a nap and slept through my 5 alarms, or because my best friend needed a ride to the dentist’s to get her wisdom teeth out. Stuff like that.

Then yesterday, that changed.

I recently started a once-a-week art class that runs from 6:15 to 8:45 pm. So I have about an hour after I get home from work to eat dinner, then I pop over to class and struggle to regain the skills that have suffered from disuse for around 5 years.

But yesterday, all innocent and unsuspecting, I went to the YMCA to exercise. I emerged, refreshed from my half-hour interval program on the treadmill, when lo! I see and greet one of the Y employees, a casual acquaintance of mine. He, too, has a love for anime, and proceeded to inform me that Naruto the Last would be playing for one night only at a movie theater 20 minutes from my house. I was quite stunned by this information, as I imagine that since it has been ongoing for 15 years, it’s ending both in manga and film form is like the end of Harry Potter (for us otaku, anyway).

I proceeded to look up the when and where of the thing when I got home. But guess which night it’s showing?

You got it. The one day of the week I have art class. Dutiful student that I am, I searched to see if it would be showing anywhere else at any other time in my area. It, was of course, only available at the one theater for the one night.

Shikamaru Crying

And so, after a long and painful struggle, I yielded to my inner otaku and, filled with excitement, hurriedly purchased a ticket on Fandango.

The only reason I’m making a big deal of this is because I’m REALLY EXCITED TO GO SEE THIS MOVIE, and because I myself am not used to skipping class. I know, in the scheme of things, that it’s not a big deal, and there come times when things are much more important than classes. I just have a very strong sense of duty and so the very idea somehow offends my sensibilities. Just not enough to stop me. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also I figured turning it into a dramatic vignette would give me something to post on my blog until I finish writing my post on Frozen which is just turning into a really long, confused essay.

So. If you are looking to see The Last, you should go to Fandago or MovieFone or whatever and find if it’s showing in your area and where. It opened today, and it’s only in limited release, so hurry. Also I think it’s in subbed, so be prepared for that.

Have fun!


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