Sometimes I Really Hate Electronics: The Story of My Life


— 1 —

Oh my. It’s been too long since I’ve done a Quick Takes post. Hello y’all!

I suppose it’s not so bad, though, right? Because I’ve written some other posts. About kdramas, I know, so boring for those of you who don’t follow me for that. I do try to make those interesting, though, at least from an analytic perspective.

— 2 —

Speaking of dramas, I’ll get what I’m watching out of the way:

finally finished Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and for all the unnecessary angst the character’s created, it had a really good story and ending. I mean, unnecessary angst is what high school is all about, right? And they learned to overcome it. Heck, I think they learned lessons adults don’t even want to learn and took them in stride. The one thing I would have liked to see is what the hell happened  to Seung Hoon and his band? He was sort of setting up for some character development, but it fizzled.

Mmmm…I’m watching Unkind Women, which I’ve already said a little bit about. It seems to be getting even more frustrating and melo, but I’m going to stick it out and see what happens. See my reactions via my drama Tumblr (

Also, there’s The Girl Who Sees Smells (aka Sensory Couple) which I’m enjoying so far. Park Yoo Chun really has a talent for comedy, and I’m saying that never having seen him in Rooftop Prince or anything else. I like the chemistry between our leads, but I do think they’re rushing the romance a bit: kisses already? Like, intentional kisses, not just “Oops I fell on top of you” or “Oops we bumped heads.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some skinship between leads, but…I’m not seeing Moo Gak, the male lead, quite being fully in love with female lead Cho Rim. Now, not everyone is obvious about their feelings, so maybe he really is, but that’s not been conveyed to me quite yet.

They’re also rushing the story: we already know who the villain is! It’s making me afraid that we’re going to go into Hyde, Jekyll, and I territory and make me stop watching. But, the interactions between Moo Gak and Cho Rim are more believable than the characters from HJI so if nothing else I can enjoy that for the next 8 episodes.

Maybe they’re rushing plot and everything because they only have a 16 episode run? That’s sad though…

— 3 —

And then The Master’s Sun. Oh my So Ji Sub. I watched A Company Man on Netflix, was suitably depressed, and then finally caved to all the So Ji Sub/Gong Hyo Jin gifs I was seeing on Tumblr. Good premise, good chemistry, stupid bastard male lead character who hopefully corrects his crappy behavior. That’s actually the only thing that bothers me about the show. The rest is good. Unless the story breaks down, though it’s been keeping up well so far.

— 4 —

Sadly, my Korean class has come to an end. Our last “class” will be at a Korean restaurant, which will be fun (and it has noraebang, so hopefully we’ll be singing a bit too!). I’m gonna miss it, though, because now that means I have to continue learning grammar rules and vocab on my own, and we barely made a dent in everything.

Well, I’ll just have to learn as best I can, and then when I visit Korea in the next few years I can get corrected then =D

— 5 —

Oh dear…where was I? What else can I say? What else SHOULD I say?

Oh, to those few visitors who bumped my blog views up to 50 in one day, I don’t know what exactly you were looking for but thank you! I hope I can get such views again someday.

If I ever buckle down and actually write like I should.

— 6 —

I’ve picked up Our Mutual Friend by Dickens, and since it’s such a nice day out today, among other things (including spring cleaning) I’m going to sit outside and read. No wasting the day all inside.

— 7 —

I suppose I should explain the title of this post: one reason I haven’t been posting as much is because my computer won’t connect to the internet. I’ve been having to borrow someone else’s, and now I have to get all my info off of my laptop and send it in. Possibly for 3 weeks. Blech. And it doesn’t help that the computers at work never seem to work as they should either. *sigh*

I don’t have anything really left to say–I’m sorry these are so sparse and kdrama heavy! But I will say I do have a post scheduled for tomorrow so please look forward to it!

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