All About Nami

The most important things to know about me are:

1.  I like philosophizing. I’m seeking wisdom and truth. Mind you, I said seeking, meaning that I’m not perfect and I’m not right about everything. So feel free to disagree! Just do so peacefully and respectfully, especially if you comment. 

2. I REALLY like books. I have my whole life, and will continue to do so. Literature just opens up a whole new world that not only entrances and delights us but helps us to learn about life. Included in my love for books is my love for libraries. I strongly advocate the use of libraries. And print books. E-readers are great, but there’s something particularly human about print books that we mustn’t lose.

3. I like anime, but I’m extremely careful about what I watch because it can get too wacky if you’re not careful. If you get interested in it, be careful, and if you’re a kid–and I know you’ll hate me for saying this–ask your parents for advice and guidance, and their rules, before you start watching any of it. It’s an extremely problematic genre, though it can be enjoyable when done well.

4. I like k-dramas (Korean dramas) too. Somehow I stumbled on My Princess on Hulu, and then onto some others after a while, and her I am. The premises are often ridiculous, and some are super, super melodramatic, but there are good points to many of them.

5. And it was kind of natural that while watching these shows I got a little bit into k-pop and j-pop. Again, I’m careful with it as I am with all other music because it can be just as bad–but some of it is good. I especially recommend F. T. Island and CNBlue. They may not be the most famous, but their music is definitely best.

6. I suppose I could mention some other general things. Like I absolutely love music, singing, dancing (swing dancing and contra-dancing), and writing (I write some fanfiction and original stuff…mostly sporadic poetry).

I’m attempting to blog regularly now I’m out of school, but we’ll see what happens.

Do enjoy!

Also feel free to email me:


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