Combox Ettiquette

This is just a blog to enable me to express my opinions and for others to see those opinions and be inspired to either agree or disagree. Please feel free to comment, but:

  1. Please avoid foul language as much as you can. It’s really not necessary to use in a public forum, especially on the internet where it’s much harder to reader a person’s emotions and intent.
  2. No trolling.
  3. Be respectful and have intelligent debates. If a conversation degenerates into name-calling or any other kind of ad hominem or disrespectful attacks, it will be expunged.

Any of this happens, stuff gets deleted.

A last bit of advice: if you don’t care about what’s being discussed, then don’t comment on how much you don’t care and how annoying it is that people do. It’s not worth anyone’s time to do that–especially not yours, if it really is something you don’t care about. I read comboxes myself, and discussions can get really ugly really fast and rile people up for no reason.


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