Anime: A Caution (Please Read Before Watching!)

I like anime, but as a product of a troubled culture it can be itself troubled, and often has content that makes shows viewable by only the most discerning viewer (or in the case of pornography by no one at all). Most anime has at least some problematic content, especially problematic sexual themes or content, that young people (and even adults) should not be exposed to without preparation and guidance. Therefore, none of the anime that I discuss on the this blog is recommended for children or teenagers. Teenagers who are interested should consult their parents before watching; parents who want to consider letting their children watch some, please preview it first.

The only anime that I can think of that have no problematic sexual content whatsoever are movies from Studio Ghibli. I have not seen all of them (so parents please watch them first), but the ones I have seen are fairly appropriate for younger viewers. (Things like “Princess Mononoke” not so much, but it is free of sexual content.) So movies like Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Whisper of the Heart are, as far as sexual content goes, safe for younger viewers. However, I would caution parents as with any other movies to preview these in case there are other themes etc. that they view as problematic.


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